Urgent prayers for my husband

by Veronica ()

My husband was accused of theft by deception. It is untrue. His clients brother stole their money, he was their contractor. They had to finish dream home out of pocket which took 6 years. During this 6 yrs. they added many jobs for him to do. They asked to pick up cabinetry to have there at home when he was ready to start. Husband agreed. 2-3 wks later received letter from lawyer they wanted $20,000 back. Had attorney respond said you received all paid for & delays were on them. Never heard back. About 10-12 months later received letter from attorney general. She went to them asking them to get back $28,000. We responded. Heard nothing back. We have been told she then went to police as she was told THEY would get money for her. They took report and did nothing w it for 3 years. In 2019 new judge and DA sworn in & he filed charges. Against statute (5 years- this was in 2010/2011) Our attorney said it was crazy be dismissed at magistrate. Magistrate said she was lying and we have a recording but said he would “let it play out” and sent to higher court. Lawyer said magistrates dont have law degree a judge does and they will never allow. the judge read transcripts of her lies, knew statute & allowed to continue. Its like something you see on tv. have paid attorney $12,500. Make $24,000 a yr. Never heard from attorney. About month ago texted him. He called and said “let me steer the ship”. I thought ok he has this. Next court date to set trial date he did not show sent colleague. Colleague new & only done traffic cases although much more helpful. Monday we pick jury. August 9th is 1 day jury trial. If lose husband faces 7 years for something he didnt do. My son and i need him. My son is 11 & very close with his dad. This would devastate him. Please pray all the pictures, lawyer responses to her, recordings of her admitting she is lying is enough for jury to find not guilty or judge to dismiss. Behind in mortgage, son needs glasses before school, dog has been unable to keep food down for days… I just need prayers. Please pray judge sees laws as our attorney does and dismisses.

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