Urgent prayers

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I am requesting prayers for my family & myself. My Sis Natasha Lord-Toolsie- (has cancer for 2nd time, allergies, hair issues)- she has 3 kids Kaia Toolsie( thyroid & allergies), Zachary Toolsie( healing of hands), Chaz Toolsie( teeth issues), husband Kevin Toolsie( arthritis) my Sis Cassandra Lord( trying 2 secure her job at UofT as a professor- 2 get tenure, plus teach & write a book 2 secure job), she has dengerative disk, allergies, hair issues her husband Pedro Azcuy( back issues, try 2 secure a higher income better job & establish himself), step dad Noah Wintz( get US citizenship for his wife), David Higgins & myself Shelley Lord- I have a heart issue, mouth issue- receeding gums( need to have pinhole surgery- has been delayed due this demonic witch person in my house, trying to manipulate dentist in Toronto)salivary ducts, a filling (that is being used to attach to my feet, hands, breast,knees, scalp, hands, ears, eyebrows, private parts, hips,middle of eyebrows temples, top of head etc, )loose of firmness- not as dense skin, hair pulled out, etc, flat arches, clawed toes, bilateral forefront, rearfront, 3mm nodule on mid zone of right lung, degenerative disk, healing of womb. We all need this demonic witchcraft woman, who is residing in my house ( 2570 Keele street – main Fl- Keele Rustic Toronto Canada.) Uses jets( in my area to follow me, at times birds) & other witchcraft things- stove banging, fridge on & off, interfering with my shower, running on ceiling, sliding across my ceiling, interfering with my work laptop hacking into my work site etc to get out and leave us alone. She is responsible for our health issues & financial problems in my family. Also, for my parents & grandma’s death. This is so serious. I Need an army of powerful prayer warriors to come in my home( have moved several times & she
has followed me), to get her and her toxic behaviors out of my house ASAP!!

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