Urgent Prayer to Change his heart

by Lost (Malaysia)

Dear all,

I am in a very deep pain and depression..I find no way out from my issues..The man whom i love so much just discard me lately..He doesn’t want to talk to me nor see my face.I didn’t do any single mistake and all i showed him was extreme care and love..

Why God why are you doing this to me? Why cant you change his heart to love me back and return to me?
I just cant take all his harsh words and scolding..I was there for him for almost all the hard time and now he just throw me away..!!!
My studies are terribly affected and am afraid i will die..

GOD you know how soft my heart towards Hasan and how much i loe him-u know the truth GOD and why are you making an innocent girl to suufer like this?


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  1. I Love Him

    I had been married to a man who had used drugs and alcohol. We got divorced. I had been engaged to a man, and he used drugs. He had been killed in a car accident. In January I met a man named Brian. He is a recovered alcoholic. He has been sober for 14 years. I really like him and enjoy his company. I pray that he will come to love me. I am so tired of being alone and not having a partner. I pray that he will not only be there for myself but my two children. He is a good man. I also pray I will get the high school English teaching job for which I interview on Wednesday. All my life I’ve wanted to have someone special in my life- a best friend. I pray Brian will be that man. I pray this all in Jesus’ glorious name. Amen.

  2. Change My Wifes Heart

    Dear God,

    I pray that you will change my wife’s heart. After being married and deeply in love for almost 10 years and married for 8 my wife said she does not know if she wants to be married anymore and does not know if she is still in love with me. But she changes her mind where she tells me she is still in love and she feels despair but then the next day says she doesn’t kow again if she wants to be married. Please God bring my wife back to me.


    Prayer to get back together with my ex-husband – Prayers for Special ..

  4. My husband has a split personality.

    I feel like I lost my husband, he married me and than he change his mind and now he wants to go back to a single life staying stuck in his parents home. God I am a good woman and love my husband very much and you know how long I have been putting up with all this off and on relationship. God please help me deal with whatever the out come will be, but know that I do love my husband and want this marriage to work. When I made those viels I meant every word. How can people play with other peoples life like that and get away with it. I feel so sick and need you to be in my life every second of the day. I am your child LOrd and doing my best to keep you please with my action and how I handle things. I know that sometimes I do or say things that you may not approve of but I ask you each day to forgive me for the things I know of and the things that I don’t know that I did wrong. I love you Jesus and want to have a life time relationship with you and be able to hear you and know what you want out of me. I am begging for your supportin my marriage.

  5. A prayer for Hasan and his lovely wife.

    Lord Jesus, I pray that you will remember this lady and bless her husband Hasan. Bring him to come and see what a good God you are and to repent and turn to you, for Your word says, whosoever comes to me I will in no wise cast out. Lord, when you change his heart, you will change his attitude toward his wife. May they love each other how you intended. Lord, keep this lady stedfast, don’t let her give up. Never ever let her give in to temptation that u will not answer because you always hear and answer prayer if it is for your glory. Lord Jesus, let her know that there are people who car and give her a true christian friend to help her through and encourage. In Jesus Name, Amen, and Amen.

  6. I want my love back

    Thank you for those who contributed your time and interest to write to me back. It has been two years since i saw and hear from my beloved Hasan. My heart, thoughts and love for him has never changed. He has always been in my mind and still hoping he will return back to me lovingly.

    So many prayers, fasting and faith i place to see him back, but till now nothing happen. Please god, dont let this depression kill me. Please also shower your blessing in my studies. Why lately all this research issue am facing? I need to finish all fast..

    Please GOD, pause your testing on me I need a break from all these pain…


  7. for my sister

    Please ya Rabi soothe this girl’s precious heart. I know she is capable of giving all her heart to someone and she deserves the same in return. If this man has treated her badly through out the relationship then let her find somebody better. and if he did not, let him see the beautiful girl she is and that he fell inlove with in the first place. let them be a blessing to each other. let her be a better person for you Allah and for herself and the people who deserve her. In your precious name Allah,


  8. I am not alone

    I read through the posts and felt that I’m not the only one who was going through rejection . Its heart wrenching to know that there are many out there like me suffering and dying every minute .GOD does test us ,put us through the hardship and make us suffer but never will let us down .When things happen in life it has a reason .The guy you love came into your life since GOD wanted you to meet the one you were looking for ,also to make you learn a lot of things .Don understand why he doesn’t love you back .Its the same with me .For now its only tears and pain but very soon this ordeal will come to an end and happiness prevail.If he was not meant to be yours , you would have never met him, loved him. It all is a part of God’s plan.Hope and Faith are the only things with us to console us .GOD please hear our tear-filled painful cries of prayers .DO change his heart ,make him feel that the one for him is no where else but here.Fill his heart with love.

  9. Im sorry you are hurting.

    Hi Sweetheart. You are such a precious child to GOd. He loves you so very much. You must know that God wants you first and foremost for him. God is there with you. He says that even though your mother and father reject you, He will take you up. HE is your father. HE also says that He is your Husband. The God of Israel is his name. You are not alone, He is with you. Trust the Lord with all your heart, lean not on your own understanding, acknowledge Him in all your ways and He will direct your path. I know the pain that you are going through. I have been married 7 years and have 3 children and my husband wants a divorce. The pain is unbearable. I am hanging on to GOd with all I have. We cannot give up. You cannot give up. You have to choose life, everyday you have a choice. Choose life so you and your seed can live. God knows your pain and will deliver you in due time. Wait upon the Lord, and Trust in Him with all your heart. We can do this through Christ who gives us strength. I pray for your right now, dear. You are loved, and you can do this. Keep your eyes on Jesus.

  10. I understand.

    I understand what you are going through for I am going through the same thing. God did not do this to you and you have to understand he will not make someone love you if it is not in his will for you two to be in love. Pray that this shall soon be over no one likes to be in love by themselves I feel the same way.

    Lord jesus I pray that you help this woman through every pain and heartache that she is going through. Soften the mans heart to understand the pain that he has caused and shine your light on this dark situation. In jesus name Amen.

  11. urgent prayers to change his heart

    How long more i can pray? How more more can i keep begging GOD:please bring back my Hasan to me, please make him understand the great pain am going through, please make him love the way i love him, think of him…At times my frustration is changing to be anger towards him..

    God can do miracles, but he test a weak woman like me..Hasan forgotten me with his new environment and friends..Now, God did not make him to be a part of our life..Am getting insane waiting and patience that good things will happen..How can i let go a man that i love & care so much-is this what God want??? Why cant he make my love to live happily..

    God teaches us love-i love him..But when i impose love to his children, is it fair to be a misery to my life???

    Can at least anyone here pray that miracle will happen in my love life? At least Hasan will change and love me back the way i want..i dont want my studies to disrupt..Will i at least feel this happiness before i die!!!!

  12. Pray

    First, remember only good comes from God. We sometimes do things or the enemy sometimes invades someone we love and God has nothing to do with the reason they are acting that way. We Must remember that God is love! Pray that God softens his heart to you and he loves the God in you. Remember to show him the God in you. Pray for anger to leave him and pray for yourself to be healded from a spirit of rejection.

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