Urgent prayer requests

by Jeremiah Birden-Weems ()

Jeremiah Birden-Weems’ Prayer list : 04/11/2020
Pray for Estelle in Ohio
Pray for me for deliverance for spiritual warfare
Pray for my Tinea Veriscolor Jehovah-Rapha – The Lord Who Heals
pray for all my earthly family members , pray for deliverance/restoration/ salvation for me through Jesus Christ blood, pray for my financial and job situation, and wisdom/strength/ love and everything Jesus Christ has in his will for me and all of my unspoken prayer requests
Pray for my flesh
Lust of eyes
Lust of flesh
Pride of life

Pray for UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE OFFICIALS/ MANAGEMENT/ UNION/ USPS OFFICE OF INSPECTOR GENERAL/ EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OFFICE / AMERICAN POSTAL WORKER UNION/ DALEO FREEMAN / MARY SITKO / ELVA LERVAL /KAMESHA HAWKINS / CARLIN HENDERSON Pray for my health(Jeremiah Birden-Weems) all unspoken prayer concerns/ that I be reinstated at USPS Akron,Ohio/all my family members,USPS management,forgiveness of all my sins and guilt/Jesus will in my life,ACOG,pray that I receive mediation for my EEO USPS CASE
Jesus Christ will in my life

Online prayer requests

Family healing

Pray for job hunt situation/ my mother my my community /deliverance salvation,restoration and forgiveness/pray for healthPray for my sexual immorality and alcoholism and deliverance salvation,restoration/guidance/forgiveness/strength and salvation and the presence of the Lord /pray for my health pray that Jesus protects financial and apartment & please pray for my community and everyone I encounter/ pray for Eeoc cases and usps workers(all) and that I get hired for “Career “job at usps
Pray for Jesus will in my life
Pray for Cleveland NAACP
Pray for my enemies and foes and those who persecute me because of Jesus Christ and other reasons also including ulterior motives
Pray for deliverance for me from evil and satan
Pray for Jesus Christ will in my life, I need a breakthrough seriously waiting on the lord Jesus Christ Amen
Pray for usps union representatives and stewards and management
Pray for deliverance and victory through Jesus Christ for all health situations including cancer / diseases / illnesses/
Pray for National Labor Relations Board
Pray for my NLRB case
Pray for me to guard my tongue
Pray for usps management
Please pray for my financial circumstances and bills
Pray that the lord god Jesus Christ continually sanctify me
Please pray this job does not separate me from Jesus Christ and from going to the church Jesus wants me to attend
Pray for Deliverance from evil and toxic coworkers/ supervisors and job protection
Pray for USPS UNION (APWU)-America Postal Workers Union
Pray for Demetriya Mills and her family
Pray that Jesus Christ heals my face and face scars completely even though I continually picked with them.
Pray for relationships to be restored in my life.
Pray for my health in EVERY ASPECT CONTINUALLY
Pray that Jesus Christ puts me where he wants me and use me for his purpose ONLY
Pray for my future employers and leasing agents / mortgage company’s and living environments
Pray that I continuously seek Jesus Christ face and his word and keep my eyes stayed on him
Pray for the Holy Spirit Intercession for us in Jesus Christ name

Pray for Rev. Dr. Ronald J. Fowler
Pray for Rev. Dr. Diana L. Swoope Sr. Pastor
Pray for Sis Vicki Price
Pray for Sister Maryann Maxwell and her breast cancer circumstance and all of her family
Pray for the saved and unsaved people I walk amongst
Pray for an order of steps for me and that our Lord Jesus Christ continues to remain and prevails in my life and as number one in my life according to his riches in Christ Jesus !
Pray for me to be obedient/fear the Lord Jesus Christ and do everything he tells me to do!
Pray for my wicked ways/ thoughts and actions !
Pray my faith be strengthened more and more and more in Christ Jesus!
I’m praying for more wisdoms understanding/strength and discernment as well (requesting this too) !
Pray for all my unspoken prayer requests!
Pray for Brian R Shelton – EEOC INVESTIGATOR
Pray for 375 cross st Akron Ohio 44311
Pray for usps OIG
Pray for my friends
Pray for love in my life !!!!
Pray that I be friendly !!!
Pray that Jesus Christ renews the Holy Spirit inside of me each day he blows breath inside of me !!
Pray for ACOG Saints and workers in Akron Ohio
Pray for the desires of my heart
Pray for the house of the Lord church in Akron,Ohio
Pray for Sexual sin forgiveness through Jesus Christ
Pray in the name of Jesus Christ that he will cast down all the lies of satan and gossip and evil in my life and/or that can destroy my life in JESUS CHRIST NAME
Pray for my Face scars and wounds!!!
Pray that Jesus Christ opens my eyes more and more each day in Jesus Christ name
Pray for false teachers/prophets
Pray for My Debtors
Pray for my Credit scores
Pray for my Bills
Pray for me to be aware
Pray for all my surroundings at all time
Pray for sprint – cell phone company
Pray for Ohio unemployment facilities /employees(all)
Pray for the entire spicer street in Akron Ohio 44311
Pray for the entire Newton st Akron,Ohio and pests and bugs / deliverance
Pray for my strongholds (ALL)
Pray for MY Addictions (ALL)
Pray for Toxic coworkers
Pray for : SSA /EEOC /OIG / ALL/MSPB/ NLRB/ Counselors and therapists and all casesworkers / field attorneys
Pray for Salvation through Jesus Christ for: Jeremiah Birden-Weems and Alexandrea Birden-Roland
Pray that Jesus Christ continually Sanctifies me with his blood that he died on the cross for me
Pray for my Self-confidence
Pray for All governments/ local and state agencies
Pray for The entire world/people
Pray for The entire creation God created saved / unsaved !
Pray for Holiness for me and that Jesus Christ continually cleanses me
Pray for me to continually wait on our lord Jesus Christ /  “Therefore, return to your God, Observe kindness and justice, And wait for your God continually.”
-‭‭HOSEA‬ ‭12:6
Pray for me for a Sound and clear mind
Pray for Forgiveness in my life for others in my life and that are/ was temporary apart of my life / myself and in all circumstances
Pray for Jesus Christ Mercy and GRACE AND MERCY
Pray for Jesus Christ to give me more Wisdom And Understanding
Pray for The unsaved and the saved
I have a special prayer Request regarding my fears that is imperative to bring to the lord
I do not want to be prideful please keep me in prayer
Prayer is powerful in Jesus Christ name !
Pray that Jesus Christ has Mercy on my soul
Pray for Spiritual blessings upon me through Jesus Christ
I’m 21 years old
Live in Akron Ohio
I pray to be blessed at all times . My job in the lord Jesus Christ to serve HIM / future management as well as future assignments lord Jesus Christ has for me and that the lord uses me for his good at ALL TIMES FOREVER ! AMEN
Pray for Jesus Christ protection at all times
Pray for Sis Melody Laster
Prayer for Bro Adam Curry
Pray for me to Focus on my calling
Pray for My mother Michelle Birden
Pray for Huntington bank employees (all)
Pray for All Ohio law enforcement officials
Pray for Tony Haze Jr.
Pray for Financial income stability
Pray for My future workplaces and job assignments for the lord Jesus Christ
My apartment 2367 Newton St
Pray for ALL Jeremiah BirdenWeems’ enemies and foes
Pray for My uncle Dennis Weems
Pray for Rogers’ and sucher’s familes
My sister Alexandrea Birden
Pray for Deborah Birden
Pray for my grandmother Annie Birden
Pray for sis Carmen
Pray to FAST to Lord Jesus Christ !
Pray for others ( Intercession )
Pray for YEPAW
Pray for Jennifer Haithcock
Pray for latoya Brandon
Pray for Reverend Anthony Johnson
Pray for Dr. Leslie Barnes
Pray for all Jeremiah Birden-Weems’ earthly family members
Pray for all fears and deliverance and restoration (all)
Pray for Alverna Matthews and her church and family (ALL)
Pray for generational curses to be broken in Jesus Christ name for Jeremiah Birden-Weems human being
Pray for deliverance/ strength for Spiritual warfare for Jeremiah Birden-Weems
Pray for Caleb Kunkel a counselor at green leaf family center in Akron Ohio and his family
Pray for Akron police department and prosecutors office
Pray for me :
I do not want to be a carnal Christian !
Pray for me to :Admit/Remind yourself everyday your powerless without Chris Jesus
Pray for me to Rightly diving the word of God
Pray for my O.I.G situation < the lord knows all about
Pray for ACOG members and people that come there(ALL)
Pray that I fully submit to trust Jesus love and will for my life completely in EVERY AREA
Pray for my Birth Mother: Michelle Birden
Pray for Dr.Pastor Diana Swoope:
Pray for Feeling alone in a world full of liars
Prayer Requested for all the following as well continued:

Pray for Jesus Christ victories in every circumstance in my life is my prayer!
I pray to Rightly diving the word of God
THE 23rd PSALM -Amen
Pray the Lord keeps me and keep my mind stayed fixed on him forever and to trust and grow in his love more and his protection from everything that’s not in his will for me
Pray that I Do not be deceived
Pray to Stay safe
Pray to not roam
Pray to not rationalize
Pray to not regret
Pray to Sow into the spirits
675 Wolf Ledges Pkwy Akron Ohio 44309
530 South Main St Akron Ohio 44311
320 South Main St Akron Ohio 44311
388 South Main St Akron Ohio 44311
1010 Dietz Ave Akron Ohio
1379 Moore St Akron Ohio
And all employees and managers in OHIO
Pray for the entire Arlington Church of God and people who walk inside
pray for me as well and my family  -Jeremiah BirdenWeems
Pray for my sexual immorality and alcoholism /DRUGS.  HR departments/supervisors and management ,my community deliverance salvation,restoration and forgiveness/strength and salvation and the presence of the Lord //
pray for my health
pray that Jesus protects my job and always places me where HE wants me at !  and financial and apartment and that I will be promoted at my job.
I live in Akron Ohio, please pray for my community and everyone I walk among, please pray for me for deliverance forgiveness of my sins through Jesus Christ, wisdom, peace, forgiveness
have a special prayer Request for you to pray for me it’s regarding a EEOC discrimination case in Akron, Ohio for Jeremiah Birden-Weems vs Charter communications, due to Mental health / and retaliation looking for a great justice outcome from the Lord Jesus Christ
Pray I Run in fellowship with God
Pray I Run with confidence
Pray I Run with perseverance and endurance
Pray for jails (ALL)
Pray for prisons (ALL)
Pray for believers in Christ Jesus, serving the Lord! (ALL)
Pray for deliverance from ether evil wicked forever and principalities (ALL)

EXTENDED *prayer request and praise reports :
Pray Sandra and all her prayer requests
Pray Herman Hawkins and his family
Pray West middlesex
Pray for Betty win
Pray for Brenda Carden and her family
Pray for House FIRE- family in PA
Pray for Daycares (ALL)
Pray for McGowan family
Pray for young people
Pray for sister Veronica
Pray for faith strengthening through Christ Jesus
Pray to not get weary in well doings
Pray for Rev Anthony Johnson and his entire family
Pray for deliverance from the spirit of fear
Pray for sister Coleen Curry
Pray for Lyft and Uber
Pray for cortney Jones hunter and her family and all her praise reports
Pray for ALL K-12 schools and higher education// all employees/staff and educations and students
Pray for finances and income
Pray for Tuesday morning prayer facilitator at ACOG
Pray to not normalize things that are not normal
Pray for all blessings Jesus Christ has for me
Pray for Young adults (ALL)
Pray for Roebuck
Pray for all food I eat
Pray that I never be incarcerated/jail / or get arrested or summons by law officials, I don’t want to go to jail, Jesus please !
I pray this all myself as well (JEREMIAH M BIRDEN-WEEMS): in the Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit

Pray for the entire Akron Ohio , please pray for my community and everyone I walk among, please pray for me for deliverance forgiveness for sins through Jesus Christ, wisdom, peace, forgiveness for unrighteousness / ill thoughts/ wrongful doings and please please please pray for my mother and pray for her for salvation and deliverance from cancer circumstance and the enemy and I pray for myself and job security I trust in the LORD!Amen Amen pray for HR Teams (ALL) that makes decision making for the companies /please pray that GOD continues to keep ME in light and have mercy on my soul /I pray for salvation through Jesus Christ for my sins and deliverance from evil wicked forces – please we need prayer warriors to pray to keep the devil away from us and allow healing through Jesus Christ who does for our sins and that god have mercy on our souls!! Amen
Please In Jesus Christ I trust you – Amen

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