Urgent prayer request

by Danielle ()

Husband left me again and I don’t know what I did wrong, he said he is going through with the divorce. He has done this before while the divorce was pending, even after he served me the divorce papers which I didn’t read but burned (I wasn’t going to let evil steal my peace). He told me the reason he had the divorce papers pending was due to being scared since I have grown so close to Jesus and God. Today he told me he was done with me because he is unhappy and he doesn’t like who he is when he is with me. He also chose to stop counseling 3 months ago and told my mom he can’t find anyone who will tell him it’s okay to divorce me. I have been obedient, understanding, submissive etc. I have been a good wife. I feel a sense of freedom but also feel pain. I’m unsure what I should do since if he files, I walk away from every investment, I walk away with our debt. I chose to sacrifice this all and not to fight since God hates divorce Malachi 2:16. My husband, I could see he is in a tunnel and set on his decision, he is being tormented, rejecting the Lord and under spiritual attack. I’m scared but know the Lord is with me. Light always defeats darkness and I still claim victory in my marriage even though the light of hope is so very small. I know I have to endure till the end and keep persevering.

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