Urgent Prayer needed for my family’s finaces, we are facing being homeless.

Urgent Prayer Request for my family please! I have two young children under the age of 5 and I am also 8 months pregnant. My huband and I have been trying to work and pay our bills but times are very tough. I just recieve eviction notice and today had my electricity shut off.

We are staying in a hotel room for the night that a church graciously got for us. We have a travel trailer we need to get to so that we have a place to live temporaily but it is far away in California. We are trying to get a loan so that we will have the funds to go get our travel trailer and money to survive on untill tax time or untill we get back on out feet.

My Prayer Request is to please pray that our loan is approved and approved soon! ( maybe tomarrow? ) Also please pray that we have a safe, good trip to get our travel trailer and are able to get back on our feet very soon. Also please pray for my unborn child that we are able to get to California before the baby is born and have no complications with the birth. Thank You