Urgent prayer for money please

by Ann (Cebu City)

Heavenly Father I know I’m not worthy for your love because I am a great sinner… but I am asking you and begging you please… help me to solve my problem I have accumulated lots of debts and I don’t know how to pay all of it. I admitted that its all my fault, that I was wrong and I promise my self that I will not get in debts again. Please help me God to solve this problem of mine cause I don’t know what to do I cannot sleep at night my heart is trouble, I’m so tense I want to get rid of it so that I can breath again.

I work hard but still its nothing with out your help God. Please help me…I did not ask you large of money but just enough to pay all my debts Lord. Hear me Oh God I’m begging you…please and all the angel and saints in heaven please help me to pray to God to hear my prayers.

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