Urgent Prayer for HEALING of my son

by Carol (Stillwater, PA)

Divine Healer Jesus,

You are witness to my son’s pain and his fading of spirit and will to fight against it. You are witness to the PTSD of the two recent back surgeries and know of the extreme pain he is having with his sciatica and the lack of kindness and helpfulness from his surgeons. All they want to do is give him drugs which are making it extremely difficult for his body to fight off the side effects of those drugs. I ask from deep within my heart that you please find it within your heart to reach down and touch my son with your healing hands. Take away his pain and heal him both in body and soul and spirit so that he is able to once again sleep through the night and work toward his dreams. I promise to be ever mindful of this granted healing and to encourage devotion to you. Amen.

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