Urgent need for prayer in all aspects of my life

by HBL (New Jersey)

Dear God the Father, I come to you through your son Jesus Christ, my Lord, Savior, and brother, and the Holy Spirit, my comforter..you know how I have all sorts of problems right now..husband, sons, daughter’s needs, financial needs..I am troubled on all sides.

Problems that are all beyond human help;it seems like the devil himself is exerting so much pressure on me through these problems that I get overwhelmed at times..but I never forget that there is no problem that my God cannot overcome for me. But I do need so much help..I need so much prayers storming heaven, so I need other people to pray for me too..and much prayers rebuking Satan .

Please God hear my prayers..that your power may manifest in the answers to my seemingly insurmountable problems..for there is no problem , greater than God.

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