by Diana B.R (San Diego CA.)

Requesting prayer for Michael and Diana love story that God put together given second chances at true love. Michael has had a hard time finding who his identity in life since being a baby adopted from Colombia to wonderful parents from Minnesota. Two years ago he lost a friend who was sick from Lupus they where close and where emotionally involved and than she passed, soon after we meet God open the doors and gave us double what we had lost, , me being divorced with two boys and had recently lost my mother. (being an only child). Michael was blessed with a great job position and we feel in love with each other, I being a woman of faith placed all in Gods hands. God has blessed us so much and I’m so grateful, I give great thanks everyday. Recently Michael has been changing and needs God, he has fallen and seeks friendship of the world. I promised to not give up and to be faithful to Gods promises. I ask for prayer of salvation and help to restore our relationship. Thank you

Michael and Diana

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