Urgent Financial prayer request

by Melanie Mcroy (Blounts Creek, NC USA)

The day after Christmas my relationship and supporter ended. We were not equally yoked and I will be ok however sad. I have surrendered all to the Lord and feel so much better. I put my faith in a man and not in God. I am a believer and ahamed I turned away. I have seen God work in my life and pray to have him again. My mortgage is due tomorrow ( multiple payments) facing forclosure and no money for the bills due. I pray for a financial miricle for need not greed. Please pray with me for this financial miricle and a response from the many jobs I have applied. This door has closed and I pray God will lead me to financial independance. I trust in the Lord and have my faith in him to somehow see me through. I am so thankful to have him with me to comfort me and guide me. I pray he will see the urgency in my financial needs. As a single parent I am use to struggle but this is bad. I have reduced everything to the minimum and need his financial favor to get back on my feet. I know there are others suffering financially all over and I pray for their financial miricle as well.

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