Urgent family needs requested by Alma

by Ana (Scarborough, Canada)

1. For Gabriel that he recover from drugs and alcohol. That his depression and anxiety get better. That he finishes his studies. That he grow in humility and that the Holy Spirit will touch his soul and be back in the faith. That he learns to forgive and accept the mercy of God. That he stops being violent. For mental health and safety. That he considers and submits to rehabilitation. That he listens and respects his family.

2. For Almer, Rowena and Ashley – for their safety; that their care, untiring affection for Gabe never wears out and that they grow in strength, faith, hope and love of God in the meantime. That they find peace of mind and be restored as a family in their trials. That they learn to have long-suffering and endure the present crisis with Gabriel. That they find a solution to their problems so they can live in peace of mind and heart.

3. Job for Almer and Ana

4. Conversion of Jess and each member of my family and for peace, unity and fraternity.

Thank you for your support and prayers. I, on my part, pray, offer daily Mass and rosaries for the sick, those in most need and in crisis. May Our Lord listen to our prayers through St. Joseph and the Blessed Mother.
5. Health both mental and physical for Ana