Urgent. Abortion. So much despair.

I am pregnant. My husband wants an abortion. We’ve 2 kids. He just started University. Money is tight, time is tight. He’s depressed & drained due to family conflicts. Although he is a good husband & good father to our daughters, he did not want them either. Every time I’ve been pregnant he repudiates me. Pregnancy has been the worst seasons of my life. He said he doesn’t think he can take it this time & resents that our future has been solely in my hands. He says he will adapt like he did before, he doesn’t want it. I either hv the abortion & sin against my God. Or continue, loveless, repudiated, & broken. Wether he leaves or stays, it will be the same, another desperately painful season. I hv mental illness & don’t feel stable enough to take on either. Please join me in prayer. I don’t want judgment upon my husband. No divorce. Pray The Lord lean his ear to my cry. The He puts mercy in his heart & love for this child. For our family to stay together.