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1. I am 41, really praying for a good husband to enter my life. I am looking for a great guy to entire my life and get married in next one year or two. I would like to move to some place where I can meet Mr. Right. I am just in the “wrong location”.

2. Looking for a new job, with better pay – I am deeply underpaid, pray for god to bless me with more financial abundance, more luxury life and happiness. I have applied for couple of roles, I want something that is truly good for me, good boss, good environment, far better pay ( I am extremely under-paid).

3. Get rid of anything of the past (blocking, being negative) the wrong things I cannot accept, wrong or unfair situations – everything to ERASE it out of my mind permanently. I do carry some past baggage need all negativity to be completely erased from my mind, totally. Thus I can be happy.

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