Ur so Good to Us Lord & St. Jude for answering our Prayers!

Urgent Please! Pray & Help my precious Angels g & l

Please Jesus worker of all Miracles pray for us our family we been ill and in chronic pain for 20+ years and suffering with doz. conditions and in trouble esp.with daughters marriage husband cheats on her and mistreats her and her child and me with disrespect beside the many other Attacks Ive been experiencing all alone & w/minist.
throughout my life w/o much support from daughters dad incl. also by some christians? Pray for Legal counsel & now TURN ALL THE UNFAIRNESS AROUND & DEAL WITH YOUR ENEMIES NOW!

for there may be a Camera traffic lite issue that i know im Innocent of because i Didnt go through any red lite or do anything wrong JUST CANCEL THAT LORD the enemies just trying to attack harass and intimidate there also. I pray for soverign Lord to give us all Favor Mercy and Justice with this and for our Miracle Turn Key Home Soon w/daughter that there be no more tie ups You open Rite doors Lord & You bring me all the Help Buying & Selling Mine asap & with Moving & family sis, friends call & Help us also plead Your Blood over us & all situation & Protection asap!
Thank You God Bless & Thank You for all the Blessings Lord that He meet Ur needs also & that You keep it Cool here too I love You and Praise You Lord Amen!