update and restoration

by Danielle ()

Update on previous prayer request: On the 3rd day of water fasting, June 22nd, Betsy went to be with Jesus in Paradise. My husband is angry at our Lord, and I am hurt, exhausted/tired, and don’t know what to do now. I hoped Jesus would have restored Betsy on earth, but NOW I understand God’s Will when I didn’t have an understanding before and was prideful in that area when it comes to healing, life, and death. We really believed Jesus was going to heal Betsy and put into practice Biblical teachings. Betsy gave me a sense of purpose. She guided me to Jesus, and the huge gaping hole Betsy left me with, is again guiding me back to Jesus. I am oh so tired… slowly but surely the days get easier, but I still mourn. I continue to work on myself until guided somewhere else. I also look forward to living life again with joy in my heart… it’s just when and how to get that back. Thank you for your prayers and love — the last 2 days I have finally been able to rejoice that Betsy is in Paradise and see her whole, happy and healthy instead of focusing on the pain of her last 3 days here on earth. On another note, I am still praying for my Dads heart to open up to me, strength for my mother to own her feelings, and the ability to know where my purpose lays or the Lord plant within my heart a dream or dreams to pursue. I am so tired from seeking/searching and praying.

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