untouchable by the devil

Lord help ssi sa i owe 3443 and my son father had a wreck the you for just a broke arm and lord his job let him go my rent due his rent due my hair falling out we have no food i need you help bless keep me protected and safe

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  1. desperately seeking

    The Lord knows all of our need and he will not give us what we cant bare, just to continue believing and you will see all the doors open, have FAITH my loving child, I was once in your position and now the Lord has opened so many doors, that I dont know which one to go through first. Pray, Pray & and Pray, but not just Pray also with that comes Faith. I know cause I learned the hard way. Pray with Faith.

    May The Almighty Lord Bless You, Keep You, & Provide Always for You and Your Family.

    Lord Look at your Child who is in distress, she is in need of your Almighty Blessing, Lord you know her situation and it is up to you to provide for her and her family, She is your child the one you named. Open the window of heaven and pour out your Blessing upon her and her family till no more fits, please Lord. In Jesus’ Name I Pray, by the Power of the Holy Ghost! AMEN

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