Unsure/Confused/Lonely/Used/ Unloved

by Consuela Harrison ()

Father God, I am having so many unsure feelings Lord and I don’t know what to make of them…I am feeling Unsure/Confused/Lonely/Used/ Unloved especially by those Lord that are supposed to love me even in my weak moments of my life/day/moment…but in my moment of weakness in our relationship when I go to them about my feelings I am made out to be the bad guy for my feelings and discussing like asked. But when the other in the relationship act up with attitude and tantrums she is treated with much comfort and support and then they wonder why I look so sad/unhappy…I ask my question and immediately my boyfriend is screaming and hollering towards me instead of calmly talking to me like he does the other….she has such a spirit of confusion/manipulation that I no longer want to deal with and the overpowering spirit of sexual lust that causes my guy to be blind to the pain he is causing me by treating me this way and trying to put the way he is moving and making me feel all on my perception or feelings…make him understand and receive and feel and understand the things he is doing to me that hurts so much…strengten me Lord that I may either live in peace with my loved ones or be able to handle being removed them…love is not supposed to hurt like this and it does not treat you this way….help me Lord….if Queen just wants to be with King only please, allow her to say that, if King wants to be with just Queen, allow him to say that…but either way allow for better communication, understanding, knowledge, receiving of our wrongs and the abilities to fix/change them if a toxic thing to the other 2.
In Jesus name I pray

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