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Dear God,
I praise and thank You for the opportunities that You have given and made me showcase my skill to others especially in our church.
At the peak of my singlehood, You know I struggled with betrayal of friends and churchmates.I felt condemned when in fact they ,too should be likewise because of the cruelty they have knowingly and unknowingly did it.
I exited the group not because I don’t love You,Lord but I cannot stand their cruelty and insensitivity.
My contribution and my services from kid to adulthood never met their so-called standard. When in fact, I have been so supportive in all walks of life- from leading several grps’ to other forms of services.I do not want to count them all and I know it does not really come from my own strength but Yours,Lord. It pains me much of how harsh the new set of leaders have treated me this way.Yes,they wanted to lead.They wanted to replace older ways into new and more modern style and more organized manner.They wanted to practice discipleship in the manner that they take control of people. Letting them be visibly obey and

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