University corruption prayer

by Es (Portland, Oregon)

Please free the victims of fraud. Please heal the people wounded by an organized criminal empire that involves state university, the ethics commission, board of dentistry and bureau of labor and industry, and others.

Please change the hearts of the aggressors and lead them to the light as they are capable of good, yet have chosen dark due to their own wounds. One Vietnam born individual that has probably been hurt as a child by racism and trusts no one to be kind. Through his hurt has hurt so many… Please heal his heart and help him to live a life for good. Help him to stop stalking coworkers and dental patients. Stop the addictive behavior. Create over site for the university as it is becoming lawless. Stop diverting tax payer money to this and put it to where it helps the citizens.
Work in my heart to allow further healing and to learn from this experience. Help henry liu, as he experienced also first hand Gestapo uprising and lawlessness.

Please make the laws enforced as when they are enforced evenhandedly… Peace and prosperity, true prosperity will result