Universal equality with essence

by Carrie (Toronto,Ontario)

most respect, at the highet off level, please do allow my very highest off conscious, the very highest level off rights, as a civil citizen, to be allowed endeavor at the higher level, off my higher off conscious. My higher off conscious has been badly declined, the civilized right to equality at the heightest off level. My higher off conscious, has been blocked and repressed, from that off injustice and that off ignorance. My higher off conscious is here for a much dignified reason. The injustice, that has blocked my higher off conscious, has depleted my higher rights at all levels. My soul has been declined and denied the higher off civil rights, to have access to dignified rights, on all levels. My higher off conscious has been clearly declined the civil right to strive, and yet to fulfill my higher off conscious at the highest level. Please do allow my higher off conscious, the right to evolve forward, towards it’s fuller life extent. With sincerest off dearest, regards

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