Unemployment prayer

by Liane (Hickory, NC)

Please dear and almighty God see to it that I am approved for unemployment benefits. Please grant them to me so that I can support myself and my five children while I am looking for meaningful and fulfilling work.

Please let me hear a response that is positive soon so the worry and dread can be lifted from my shoulders and my focus turn to finding a job. Thank you Lord for protecting me and my family.

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  1. Please grant my unemployment benefits

    Please Lord, grant my unemployment benefits, as I was wrongfully terminated. I ask that my benefits be granted without adding stress to me and I will use them to help a charity. Thank you, Lord for your help. Please also help me find employment doing something that I love where I am able to support myself. Thank you for guiding me on the path to my best life. I am putting my trust in you knowing you will bring me what’s best to make me happy. Thank you!

  2. To receive my employment

    Heavenly Father God above I pray to you in the name of your son Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior, please take this burden of worry off my shoulders and allow my employment to go through. Give me the strength to take away all doubt and have comfort in you my Lord that you will take care of me as you always have. Please my sweet Jesus let my payment process soon so that I can move forward and find work that pleases you and utilizes my talents to better my fellow man. Great jobs are hard to find right now and I need the extra help.

  3. unemployment

    god help me to find job and those against me give me power and strengh to use my talent ,knowledge and people to like me not to take me for granted in the name of jesus christ amen

  4. Unemployment Extension Bill

    God I know you are still in the healing business and this country really needs some serious repairing right about now. So hearts need to be mended and restored to the love that you have in your heart. Lord I need you to come see about your children and put some mercy in the souls of those who are against this bill that would help some many regain some of what they lost.

  5. I pray for a job

    Dear God, please grant me a good job. I am doing everything to better my situation and I pray that you do the rest in this regard. Thank you for everything and my pending job. Amen.

  6. Prayers for unemployment

    Dear please make it possible for my husband to recieve his unemployment benefits he was terminated after 9 years no benefits a hard worker please here my prayers in Jesus name amen

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