Unemployement on the horizon again

by Bob (Dry Ridge, KY, USA)

After 18 months of being out of work, 6 months ago we started a small business transporting pets to reunite them with families who had moved and could not take their small family members with them. We reunite military personnel who are returning from overseas with their little ones and families who have moved to better their lives with job improvements or the need to be with indigent family members. Recently our vehicle broke down and the repair cost were going to cost more than the van was worth, and more than our young business had yet to accumulate in ready cash flow. We provide our service at one fifth of the cost of our competitors so that families can afford to be with their little loved ones. This has allowed us to work and be able to at least pay our bills. Now without a vehicle or enough credit or cash to replace our vehicle, we may very well be homeless in the next few days. Please pray for us to hear God’s words through the stress and see the opportunity he no doubt will place before us and keep our work steady and provide us the financial funds we need. Thank you for your prayers.