unemployed struggling with bills prayer

by MJS (Natchez, Ms)

I live in Mississippi and lost my job last year in the middle of a divorce.(my husband had an affair…..again.) I was struggling to keep food on the table for my 5 year old daughter much less pay our house hold bills.

The only income I had was my child support, I struggled with my bills until I got a min wage job that only lasted 2 months and I was let go….they said I wasn’t the right person for the job 🙁 In that time God did answer one of my prayers and I did remarry a hard working man that does his best to give me and my daughter the best he can. I still can not find a job and we are still struggling with bills. I know when God closes one door he opens another and he will never put more on you than you can handle but right now I am about as low as I can get. I feel like I am on an emotional rollercoaster and I can not get off.

I am praying for some financial relief and I do know God hears my prayers but sometimes its hard to keep the faith. I do not talk about this with my husband because he has enough on his shoulders as it is. Please pray with me that we are financially blessed, I do thank God for all that I have and I am holding on to my faith with all my heart, I know he is going to bless us. Thank you for all your prayers…

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