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My job had recently just gone out of business and I am now unemployed and have been for the past 2 weeks so far. This broke my heart because financially it has already been hard for my husband and I as it, so this didn’t help. Not to mention I really liked my job. I found a job that filled in all the check marks that I was hoping for in a new job with better pay. Unfortunately, I was undergoing surgery 30 minutes before when I got the call that I was hired! Great news! The bad news was they wanted a drug test the next day asap & I was on some heavy medication, something I was never on before. To say the least, my drug test is still in limbo from them finding that my medication came up on my test, no surprise there. But it has postponed my new job and the job recruiter said I might lose the position since it’s already been a week of me waiting to hear from my results. I got angry and thought just my luck, nothing ever goes right.. Now I feel like I’m back at square one with finding a job. It’s scary. I finally feel good for the first time in a week from my surgery, but now I feel like I’m back to where I started, jobless and scared for the future. Please pray for me that God provides me with a suitable job that I will enjoy that will also pay the bills (let’s me honest times are tough and minimum wage just doesn’t cut it unfortunately ☹️). Also please pray for my mental health because I am starting to go back into a depression that Jesus was finally healing me in. 🙁 thank you so much in advance. God bless

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