Uncertain if God is Hearing My Prayers

by James (WI)

Hello, I am uncertain if god is hearing my prayers. I think he answered one of them but I am uncertain if this new position is right for me. It is commission based advertising and I have only been with the company a week and have not made a sale. I was fired from my job as a driver and warehouse person for the same company.I spent most of my time as a dairy farmer but we could not keep the farm going so we had to sell the cows.

I have had a lot of jobs in my life after I left the farm in 1998.I really would like a job that had to do with farming and I applied to one today and I received an email from Andrew saying he wanted to do a phone interview tomorrow.I like the sales world of employment. It can be very rewarding but it is risky because most of the time it is just commissions.

I am also interested in owning my own Anytime Fitness clubs. I had interview for a fitness consultant but I have not heard back from him yet and he also said if he did not hear from him by this Monday the 20th that they went a different direction.I am just wanting to make a six figure income while I attend business school online.

I want to find my niche again like farming was my niche.I would like the lord to hear my prayers because of the debt I am in.

Thank you for reading my problems and taking the time to respond and pray for me.

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  1. Praying with you.

    James I have said a prayer for you as well. I know the feeling that God doesnt hear my prayers, but he does. Your situation will get better. God has put so many dreams in your heart. He will lead you down the right path. Be Patient and keep praying.

  2. Does God hear your prayers

    Dear James:

    You are not the only one that feels that God does not hear your prayers. I currently feel the same way. But I have give praise, because God has answered prayers for me in the past and bestowed miracle blessings on me directly. So I struggle to keep mindful of that. Perhaps, it would help you to reflect as well. Just responding to you right now, has helped me to. You sound as if you have lucrative skills.

    I will keep you in prayer as well. I will not forget you as my husbands’ name is James as well.

    Peace & Blessings

  3. Don't give up

    Keep praying. I pray for patience for you. I struggle with this. He has never let me down.

    I pray it will be the same for you.

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