Unanswered Prayers

by Debbie ()

From the day satan’s influences/attacks caused Brian to end our relationship on 6/20, I’ve been praying constantly, have requested prayers from several churches, prayer websites, that God WOULD have Brian contact me, restore the love Brian had for me, soften his heart towards me, keep me in his heart/thoughts, open up communication between us, would reunite us, heal and restore our broken relationship. Many prayers have asked Jesus to heal/change Brian in the areas he needs, WOULD get him out of the relationship satan brought him, WOULD BREAK EVERY single hold/influence satan has on him, WOULD free him from everything satan is doing in his thoughts, life, heart, spirit, WOULD lead Brian away from satan and back to God/myself. For 6months I’ve been told by many Pastor’s, Minister’s, a Apostle, and believers, that God was working behind the scenes, have patience, that God WAS GOING TO ANSWER MY PRAYERS, I WOULD RECEIVE MY MIRACLE, MY VISION, that God was going to reunite Brian and I, heal/restore our broken relationship! I TRULY TRUSTED, BELIEVED THEM, THE SCRIPTURES THAT SAYS-HE WILL RESTORE WHAT WAS TAKEN, HE WILL GIVE YOU YOUR HEARTS DESIRE, WHEN 2 OR MORE ARE IN AGREEMENT ON SOMETHING, THAT THING WILL BE DONE BY MY FATHER!!! JESUS SAID IT-I BELIEVED IT!!! But on 12/6, after I found out what Brian has/is doing, I now know that God/Jesus/The Holy Spirit, HAVEN’T BEEN WORKING IN BRIAN’S HEART/SPIRIT/LIFE, & I NOW KNOW THEY AREN’T GOING TO ANSWER MY PRAYERS, GIVE ME MY MIRACLE, MY VISION, OR FULLFILL THE PROMISES THAT JESUS SAID GOD WOULD DO! 4 6months I’ve trusted, believed, I believed that ALL THE PRAYERS would be answered by God/Jesus! To know THEY aren’t going to answer my prayers really hurts me, devastates me, disappoints me, discourages me, has broken my heart and my spirit! THEY destroyed ANY HOPE I HAD! Now I feel totally unloved, unwanted, not worthy, betrayed, rejected, abandoned, by Brian, God/Jesus/ The Holy Spirit!!! I’M COMPLETELY DEAD & EMPTY INSIDE!!! I don’t understand why God didn’t answer ALL OF OUR PRAYERS??? I’m going through TOTAL HELL RIGHT NOW, KNOWING HOW HAPPY I WAS A YEAR AGO, LOOKING FORWARD TO CELEBRATING BRIAN’S & MY 1ST CHRISTMAS, AND TO KNOW THAT HE’S SPENDING CHRISTMAS WITH SOMEONE ELSE, GIVING THEM GIFTS, TRIPS, HAS COMPLETELY DESTROYED ME!!! I SHOULD BE THE ONE SHARING BRIAN’S LIFE, SHARING CHRISTMAS WITH HIM, AS BRIAN AND I KNEW THAT GOD ANSWERED BRIAN’S AND MY PRAYERS WHEN HE BROUGHT US TOGETHER TO HAVE A RELATIONSHIP!!! GOD BLESSED ME WITH BRIAN, YET SATAN TOOK HIM FROM GOD/MYSELF, HAS BROUGHT HIM TO THE BAR FLY HE’S WITH, AND GOD IS LETTING SATAN KEEP “MY GIFT”, EVEN THOUGH BRIAN BELIEVES IN GOD & IS GOD’S SON!!! I’M COMPLETELY DESTROYED, SO MISERABLE, SO LOST, AND REALLY LONELY WITHOUT THE MAN WHO I TRULY LOVE WITH ALL MY HEART!!! I’M GIVING UP

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