Two witnesses?

by Minister ()

Pray God will reveal to me if my kds dad is going to save/deliver people in Isreal or if hes actually the antichrist (I mean it could go both ways honestly I guess its up to him) but I just need to know its messing with my head because I feel like were in fact the two witnesses

Pray God will get our butts in gear/check and do whatever He needs to to ensure we both take the better path, redeem the time lost and save our souls and that we will also help other people do this very thing and that our tongues will be “seasoned with salt” so we know how to answer every man as if the answer were truly coming from God and what to say/do to save/deliver otherd

Pray people will stop getting the Corona Virus vaccine and that God will keep Christian family/loved ones safe from getting them because I think its actually the mark of the beast?? Still trying to figure it out pray God will reveal the answer to me and my kids dad both amd if there is anything we can do to help others who have already gotten them

Pray no matter what God/angels will keep children (and elders) around the world safe from people meant to do them harn

Pray I can figure out how to get my internet blocker to work to keep the govt out of it please and thanks 🙂

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