Two witnesses

by Lady ()

Pray God will unlock a double portion of the mantles of Elijah and Moses for me and my kids dad who just took off to the Isreal area because he is “Christian” but actually Jewish. I feel like I’m supposed to save/deliver people here in America and he is supposed to do in Isreal/Jeruselum.

Pray that God and the Holy Spirit will guide us in the direction he sees fit and that we will both unlock our full testimony and power as the two witnesses I believe we are and pray we will do it all for the glory of God and His kingdom

Pray we will have the strength, courage, guidance, direction, purpose, energy, drive, compassion, and zeal needed to save/deliver as many people as oossible before its too late

Pray God will direct both of us as to what He wants us to say and do, restrain from saying or doing and that we will have the power to carrry out because of the fear of God alone and that He’ll keep us from evil until our destiny and that we’ll do everything with understanding hearts inclining our ears to wisdom

Above all pray we will repent and fully submit ourselves under the hand of God, walking in the way of his commandents, judgements and statutes and and well teach others to do the same teaching the gospel and doctrines of baptism, Heaven and hell

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