two witnesses

by Lady ()

I decided tomorrow is going to be the the last day im getting high if everyone can please pray that I can get into treatment quickly and somewhere close to my area and if you can please pray that I will be able to have a much needed conversation with my sons father so I dont need to worry about him for awhile and can actually focus on myself for once

please pray we can spend the day together and he would bring me shopping so I can get jeans, underwear and bras which are much needed so I can actually LOOK and feel good about myself

Please pray my sons dad will actually go to treatment and grow and heal and become the person he was meant to be and please pray that I will do the same

Finally, please pray that the exorcism i did for my kids father actually worked so I can talk to my best friend again because I miss him so much its honestly the worst kind of torture there is

Please pray that the Holy Spirit will direct and guide our paths both mine and my sons father now, through treatment, and until God guides our paths back to each other

Please pray that we will heal and grow into the people we were meant to be because my sons father and I are the two witnesses in revelations which I think blew my mind more than anything else

Please pray that more and more people will come to know Gods love for them and recieve an oupouring of the holy spirit coming from a broken home Gods love has always been enough for me and it is enough for everyone else to because I know there are more hurting people out there

Finally please pray that God will guide my kids dad and I as we continue to help others and help us to put him first and never let us forget how he helped us so we can further the kingdom of God and give all glory to Him

Pray that God will be with us as we create a bucket list while were in treatment (and remind us to do it) so we can truly do what is we want before we die

Pray Christians around the world will live happy, healthy lives and continue allowing each of us to grow as needed and pray that more and more people around the world will come to God repenting

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