Two elderly women need help

by Teri (USA)

Reading this website I particularly like the prayer entitled Make Us Worthy of Your Blessings because it fits us perfectly. My friend and I have worked hard all our lives, raised children alone, and are soon to retire. Despite always trying to be generous and kind to others, and appreciating all God’s blessings, we are still in financial need. It’s very hard to find decent affordable housing for 2 older women; we would like to buy our own small home to share but we are lacking in funds. As our only income is social security, we cannot qualify for a mortgage. If we share a home, our expenses will be less and we can both continue to contribute to charities as we do now. Please pray for us to acquire a home. We think an additional $100,000 will be enough – or a funding source willing to fund without the exhorbitant interest that most charge.

Thank you and blessings.