Twice Betrayed


Blessed Trinity,

Only a miracle will save my marriage. I remarried the love of my life two years ago, after being divorced sixteen years.

Over the past six months, he has become increasingly controlling and emotionally and verbally abusive. I felt he was in a very dark place. Then, I found text messages that were explicitly detailing a a sexual encounter with a client of his. In addition, I found text evidence of another nonsexual, but still inappropriate, relationship with another client.

When confronted, he vehemently denied the affair and, in turn, accused me of having an affair and being mentally ill. Neither are true.

I would love to save my marriage and my reunited family. However, my husband has to face reality, be honest and seek professionals help. Dear God, if it be your will, please place this in motion.

However, if it is not meant to be, I beseech you to heal my heart of the enormous pain.

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