Turning to Gods Will for a Marriage Miracle.

by Charles (Whitmore Lake, Michigan, USA)

My Heavenly Father,

I humbly come before you and Thank You for my life, and another day. I thank you for the blessings that many times go unappreciated. I squandered my time when I was living with my family. I took control away from you and chose my own course of action. I chose to lie and smoke pot behind my wife’s back, to blame and not be accountable for my actions. I was like a mine field and would explode without warning and brought terror into our home. For the safety of my family, my wife separated herself, and our four children from me. She suffered a long time. I have since lived my life alone. I sought you out and turned my life over to you God. It began when I went to jail and was all by myself. God you took everything away from me because you knew it was the only way I would turn to you. About 10 months ago I began a return journey, being guided day by day, by You My Heavenly Father God. I surrendered to Your Will, I attend at as many Alcoholics Anonymous meetings as I can with God as my Higher Power. When I did things my way I ruined my Family. God you are Changing me from the inside out. You God are doing the impossible. I pray for your forgiveness for my horrible choices that I made that struck fear into my wife’s beautiful heart. You God repair hearts, You God repair Marriages, and You God Repair Families. I turn to You God for a Miracle of repair for my Family. I have already been served with divorce papers. In those papers it states that if at any time the couple reconciles the motion will be dismissed. I follow you God, I know that You God, Hates Divorce. I open my heart to the best of my ability to let you in each day. At this time my heart is weak, so I make sure I Do the right thing. God I believe that you can restore our Marriage and bring our 24 year relationship to a new level, blessed by You. I will wear my Wedding Ring and Stand for our Marriage until the Hammer falls in divorce court. God If it is your will, I ask that our Marriage be Healed. I know you brought us Together, I pray that you find a way to get my wife to see me as my Higher Self, Changed by You God, Forgiven, and washed clean of my old desires to control and bully.. A Marriage that is Blessed by You God can’t fail. I pray for Faith, I pray that our Marriage Reconciliation Serves Your Purpose for My Wife and Children. I Thank You for the Gift of Prayer,

I Pray this in the Name of Jesus Christ. Ahmen

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