Turn his heart towards me and give me favour in his eyes

by Faffy (Zimbabwe)

Dear heavenly father I come before your holy throne of grace thanking you for your grace, wisdom and kindness. lord I thank you for your favour. proverbs 10:24 says the desires of the righteous shall be granted unto them in the name of Jesus I am made righteous and I ask you to grant me my heart’s desire. Please turn my boyfriend’s heart towards me again father. let me find favour in his eyea again. let me be at one peace with him again Jehovah. I have done nothing wrong please let him see this through your mighty signs and miraculous ways. Jehovah turn his favour back towards me so that any other counterfeits trying to take him away from me fail in the Mighty name of Jesus. Dear God I pray you bless our relationship and through your power restore it. I pray this in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.

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