Trying to wait for you while we were apart

by Shaun (St Neots ,Cambs ,Uk)

I loved you first , so long ago

Time and distance they did sow heartbreak in me
As your heart now beats for another I discover and not for me.

Perhaps it was foolish to wait , past the date when my parents moved us away and your love for me reached its cut off date.
But though my feelings where put to test by others who tried there best . I decided to wait because for me no one else could be the best for me.

You made the days brighter when you smiled when I was a lonely 8-14 year old . You were my cheerleader, the closest thing I had to a friend , the one person on whom I did depend.

Trying to wait for you while we were apart, to hope to run into you proved to be to great a task, then I ask what is the point of me , if you are not meant to be with me?

You have new adventures now , teacher, wife, mother , even though I should have moved onto another, my feelings for you have never changed .Although happy for you I am and was willing to keep my distance when you were dating another . My feelings cause me some bother and to my shame I still feel in life shortchanged

Although the lord has decided that are paths diverge , even though you are bonded in holy marriage to another . In thing our holy father and I disagree , you see to me , you, will always make my heart beat in me.

Dedicated to Poppy Annabel Edwards

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