Trying to Conceive, Please Oh Lord

by Nikki (NC)

Dear God,

Its me again. I know I have flooded you with lots of request and I know in time they will be answered. We have been trying for 4 years without success and I’m starting to feel like we will never conceive. I know in my heart this isn’t true that you have a plan for us but in my head so many things are running through it that half the time I can’t keep up. As I sit back and watch all of my friends get pregnant and have beautiful babies, I can’t help but to feel jealous. I turn to you for support in this time of need.

I don’t want this feeling to consume me. I want to feel happy for them and happy that one day it will happen to for us. Heavenly Father please help us to conceive as you have for so many.

In Jesus Christ I Pray Amen

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