Try & Don’t Give Up

by Sharon ()

Diane had brain surgery and after, could not walk, talk or even feed herself. She endured a long, arduous rehabilitation. When she was finally released to go home, she had much work ahead of her to complete her rehab and recuperation. She had her husband, daughter & mother-in-law to help her with her personal needs. Her sister, who lives 8 hours away, would come to town to give the others a break. Diane was making progress feeding herself, using the facilities, personal hygiene care & her speech was improving. She still had a ways to go. She, her husband, daughter, and mother-in-law contracted covid. She & her husband were hospitalized. Her daughter recovered & her mother-in-law recovered. She came home to recover, leaving her husband in the hospital. In one week, her husband passed away & her mother-in-law passed away, leaving no one to care for her except her daughter. Finally, she was forced to move in with her daughter leaving all her belongings & memories behind. Now, 1 year later she is digressing instead of progressing. She’s not even at the level of recovery she had gotten to; she’s gone backward. She’s given up. Since losing her husband, she feels she has no reason to work so hard to get better. No one can talk to her. My prayer is for Diane to be encouraged to try again to work for complete recovery; to crawl out of the pit of depression and WANT to try. She can do it; but she’s lost her will. Pray for her to love herself & find enough self worth to do this for herself. If she recovers, she can move out of her daughter’s house and begin to be a living, productive life. Dear Jesus, please heal Diane.

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