Truth, Justice, Settlement

by Bonita (Houston Texas)

Dear St. Jude:

I am asking for your intervention with this desperate case. I’m at my wits end and need help, comfort, strength with this most hurtful matter.
I was assaulted at work. The person who assaulted me has power over the witness and they are afraid to tell the truth. His attorney now says that the assault never happened.

St. Jude, you and God and Jesus and all the angles and saints know the truth. I pray for the truth to be told for justice to be served and an amicable settlement be reached before Christmas 2015. I Pray for what is just and fair to be made whole again. So we can all move forward with our lives and put this horrible matter to rest once and for all.

I pray in you name St. Jude.

I love you..

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