Trusting in Jesus for complete healing

by Karen Blaine ()

I was diagnosed with an incurable disease in my feet/legs when I was 52….I am now 66…..When my doctor said, there is no cure, I said, oh yes there is, Jesus! I have stuck to that for all of these years, enduring incredible amounts of pain, taking all kinds of tests, the entire time, all I could do was thank Jesus for my healing, in his time, I have my days where I am so exhausted from it all, I feel like I am giving up, But if I were to give up, I would be setting a very bad example of being a child of my God! I need prayers daily as it has affected my marriage, my finances , my 3 adult Kids, and 6 grandkids have locked me out of their life, I have no clue as to why this has happened…..I will never ever give up on my Lord and Saviour , but I seriously need prayers to sustain me, I do not want medication. I miss me, I miss my family, Lord God Help me to hang on to your every word, just believe and stay focused on me and the mighty cross…..I want to thank all that will be praying for me, there is so much power in prayers, God Bless you all for saying prayers for me…..and keeping me in your prayers, I have more Love then the world would ever know, I have been this way since birth…..Jesus gave me a special gift, LOVE, the greatest gift of all….Thank you again…. Karen

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