Trusting God and not man(when the Dr said no, God had the final say)

by Sam (New Orleans)

As I lay here in my hospital bed recovering from labor I am truly humbled and grateful for the miracle recently performed on my behalf. At 36weeks drs told me my son had a sever heart defeat that could result in numerous heart surgeries, a possible transplant, 30 yr life expectancy, and that he wouldn’t be able to be a normal little boy.

My husband and I were devastated. My labor was induced at 38weeks because of severity of the diagnosis. Once my son was born I was told he would immediately be transported to children’s hospital. From day one of my pregnancy for everything my drs told me my son proved them was no different in the labor and delivery room. The minute I found out about this diagnosis I looked for prayers and a family member ironically told me about st. Jude.

Shortly after I was hearing from multiple family members of the power of st jude. I looked up several novenas, I even went to the national site to send a prayer petition to the national shrine. In the end my son was born 100% healthy!!!! Whatever it was they THOUGHT they saw on his echogram some how was no longer there. As I lay here and write the extremely modified (short) version of my testimony I am still In awe. I prayed to God ultimately and The holy mother Mary as well to ask for the prayers.

Everyday throughout the day as well I said several 9 day novenas. My son and I are are living testimonies that YES st jude heard my cry for prayers and help and he interceded on our behalf. This was my first experience with a novena and deep prayer but I won’t be the last!!

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