Trusting and Believing in your word

by Blessed-Fully Created Tee (New York)

Father God, The Almighty God I ask that you step in and hold me tighter through this hard time. I know troubles don’t last always but I ask that you give me the strength to keep pushing on. I will survive because I am a survivor.

Father God I ask that watch over each and every person who is going through struggles and hard times due to unemployment. Lift each one of us up to the higher ground. Take us to where we are destined to be. I do not ask to be rich but I ask of financial freedom, freedom of debt and to be closer to you. I ask of peace of mind everyday day and a sound heart. Father I know there is no one greater than you.

We love you Lord and trust and believe in your word.

In Jesus name we pray together

For I am trusting and believing

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