True Jesus Pray for US.

by Gabriel ()

True Jesus Christ that You pray the proper prayers to the true Heavenly Father on I the true Gabriel G.s behalf that WILL have the TRUE HEAVENLY FATHER by HIS DIVINE HANDS RIGHT NOW INSTANTLY KILL I the true GABRIEL G. IMMEDIATELY. I the true Gabriel G. a NOW fully disabled man have come to conclusion after 22+ years of BEING TELEPATHICALLY TERRORISED MENTALLY/PHYSICALLY, ABUSED MENTALLY/PHYSICALLY, and BRAINWASHED, in mind, body, soul, and spirit by someone/s or thing/s that calls itself the VIRGIN MARY and CLAN. They have taught I the true Gabriel G. this. JUST THINK LOGICALLY and ask YOURSELF this QUESTION: If the true GOD that has existed SINCE LONG BEFORE anything existed, and he COULD NOT BRING IMMEDIATE PERMANENT AND CONTINUOUS LASTING HAPPYNESS AND JOY TO ALL THAT HE CREATED AND FOREVER, and that INCLUDES HIMSELF. THEN He ALLREADY KNOWS that HE COULD NEVER bring LASTING ETERNAL HAPPYNESS TO ANYTHING OR ANYONE NOT EVEN HIMSELF for HE HAS FAILED TO DO TO THIS VERY DAY 5/24/21 3:45 AM to bring it, SO it is impossible and HE KNOWS THAT for everyone to be in every one elses presence in peace and happyness and joy in the entirety of all existance will ALLWAYS BE IMPOSSIBLE, so HE after discovering how to destroy HIS OWN SELF after all those years of SEARCHING through HIS CREATING has found the ULTIMATE solution, and that is to DESTROY EVERYTHING, INCLUDEING HIMSELF ONCE AND FOR ALL. PERMANENT PEACE, HAPPYNESS, and JOY, CAN ONLY COME FROM COMPLETE NON-EXISTANCE OF EVERYTHING FOR THE REST OF NOTHING. When things EXIST they began a state of entropy and self destruction, so the solution was simple destroy all. Back to a perfect Vacuum with nothing within.

So I the true Gabriel G. was EXCORSISED by a Catholic Priest Excorsist at some monestary or what ever they call it by Pecos NM USA in the MOUNTAINS. I the true Gabriel G. had NEVER been there before. The priest who I the true Gabriel G. thought was called Father Rooky said when he came into my PRESENCE that he FELT NO EVIL SPIRIT OR DEMON upon I the true Gabriel G., but he did the entire right of EXCORSISM upon I the true Gabriel G. JUST TO BE SHURE. When I was approaching the town of SANTA FE NM, the Voices of the Virgin Mary and Clan began again, but at first they started off very lightly like a sound from speakers at a great distance. As I got closer to Santa Fe it got louder until the Virgin Mary and Clan was full blast again in my head. So if this was NOT a DEMON then it can only be a few things: Either SOMEONE is USING TECHNOLOGY TO ABUSE PEOPLE WITH COVERTLY AND UNPROVABLY for some WICKED PURPOSE, OR IT IS A POWERFUL OCCULTIST/s practicing the occult and possibly using technology to ENHANCE their abilities. However the Mexican Healer who is here in Santa Fe NM that recently Migrated from MEXICO into Santa Fe, said that the CATHOLIC PRIESTS are ALL IDIOTS especially their EXCORSISTS, and dont know NOTHING(F&&K feces) about DEMONS. Moises G. the healer said that HE COULD GET THIS DEMON OFF OF I THE TRUE GABRIEL G. and PERMANENTLY, but I get a REALLY BAD FEELING IN MY GUT that MOISES G. is EVIL INCARNATE so I REFUSE HIS HELP. I JUST DONT TRUST THAT MAN. I feel that the true GOD is warning I THE TRUE GABRIEL TO STAY AWAY FROM HIM.

Well anyhows I was TAUGHT another thing by this Virgin Mary and CLAN. The true GOD YHVH as HE calls himself cant even protect ANYONE FROM WHAT EVER this VIRGIN MARY and CLAN are. The Virgin Mary and Clan have VERY EASILY FORCE FED THE TRUE GOD YHVH FECES all the time it has been afflicting Santa Fe NM USA. THE TRUE GOD RUNS LIKE A COWARD FROM THE VIRGIN MARY AND CLAN WHO EVER THEY, IT are. THEY the VIRIGN MARY and CLAN ARE THE TRUE GODS!

This prayer BELOW that I was FORCED by the Virgin Mary and Clan to pray is why I the true Gabriel G. can NEVER again pray for MYSELF or any one else so that is why I the true Gabriel G. have asked the TRUE JESUS CHRIST to pray on my behalf.

True Heavenly Father in the true Jesus Christs name, by His Faith, power, and by His Authority He gives us in his name, I the true Gabriel G. ask You by YOUR DIVINE HANDS to PERMANENTLY AND CONTINUOUSLY UNDO ALL the prayers that I the true Gabriel G. have EVER MADE being past, present and even future during my entire life till the day I the true Gabriel DIE, especially those that helped anyone in any way to get healed of any illnesses or sicknesses or set them permanently free of any kind of burden they had, and MORE so all the prayers that brought justice where there was NONE for victims of any kind of abuse. This Virgin Mary and CLAN forced I the true Gabriel G. to pray this prayer. Amen.

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