True Jesus Christ pray to the true God on I the true Gabriel G. behalf.

by Gabriel ()

True Jesus Christ that You pray the proper prayers to the true Heavenly Father on I the true Gabriel G.s behalf that WILL have the TRUE HEAVENLY FATHER by HIS DIVINE HANDS RIGHT NOW INSTANTLY KILL I the true GABRIEL G. IMMEDIATELY. I the true Gabriel G. a NOW fully disabled man have come to conclusion after 22+ years of BEING TERRORISED MENTALLY/PHYSICALLY, ABUSED MENTALLY/PHYSICALLY, and BRAINWASHED, in mind, body, soul, and spirit by someone or thing that calls itself the VIRGIN MARY and CLAN. They have taught I the true Gabriel G. this. The true HEAVEN when the true GOD YHVH brings it forth is this: The true GOD YHVH HAS discovered the way to EVEN KILL HIMSELF, so He WILL literally destroy EVERYONE AND THING that HE EVER CREATED or BROUGHT INTO EXISTANCE and FINALLY DESTROY HIMSELF so that all can enter the true PEACE OF NON-EXISTANCE. No CONSIOUS MINDS EXISTING constantly NEEDING SOMETHING OR ANYTHING to bring them PLEASURE FOR SHORT BURSTS OF TIME, then TRUE PEACE IS GIVEN TO EVERYTHING THAT IS NOW NOTHING that seeks nothing or needs nothing or hears nothing. The LIGHT RETURNS to the FULL DARKNESS that IT WAS TRUELY MEANT TO BE of NOTHINGNESS and all can return to PEACE FOREVERMORE. Just realize this THE TRUE GOD if HE could have brought TRUE HAPPYNESS AND JOY TO EVERYONE, HE WOULD HAVE DONE IT A LONG LONG LONG TIME AGO, HE HAS ONLY NOW DISCOVERED WHAT IT TAKES TO BRING TRUE HAPPYNESS or BRING FORTH WHAT HE CALLS HEAVEN and NOT US OR WHAT WE CALL HEAVEN, FOR WE ARE BUT HIS TOYS, and that is NON-EXISTANCE FOR ALL INCLUDEING HIMSELF! Oh and YOU ALL DONT HAVE TO BE UNHAPPY of MY STATE OF MIND, FOR YOU ARE NOT GOD so YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS TO DECIDE WHAT STATE MY MIND IS IN as a result of being serially abused in way to many ways to mention by the THING that calls itself/them the Virgin Mary and CLAN.

This prayer BELOW that I was FORCED by the Virgin Mary and Clan to pray is why I the true Gabriel G. can NEVER again pray for MYSELF or any one else so that is why I the true Gabriel G. have asked the TRUE JESUS CHRIST to pray on my behalf.

True Heavenly Father in the true Jesus Christs name, by His Faith, power, and by His Authority He gives us in his name, I the true Gabriel G. ask You by YOUR DIVINE HANDS to PERMANENTLY AND CONTINUOUSLY UNDO ALL the prayers that I the true Gabriel G. have EVER MADE being past, present and even future during my entire life till the day I the true Gabriel DIE, especially those that helped anyone in any way to get healed of any illnesses or sicknesses or set them permanently free of any kind of burden they had, and MORE so all the prayers that brought justice where there was NONE for victims of any kind of abuse. This Virgin Mary and CLAN forced I the true Gabriel G. to pray this prayer. Amen.

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