True Heavenly Father Force your Shepherds to teach the true Biblical Truths.

by Gabby ()

Prayer Request:

We the children of the blind flock seeking true Biblical truth in the name of the true Jesus Christ by His power, His Faith, and by the authority He has given us, WE in the true JESUS CHRISTS name ask YOU TRUE HEAVENLY FATHER YHVH to permanently and continuously FORCE those SHEPHERDS weather You called them or NOT into TELLING THE TRUE BIBLICAL TRUTHS for the rest of this earth age, and that they can not PREVENT YOU TRUE FATHER FROM DOING SO EVER. If they those self proclaimed shepherds refuse, then get ridd of them, and if they the truely called refuse, then let them leave, or get rid of them. All of course done by Your true Divine Hands true Heavenly Father. The blind flock has been led in one direction, and then in another direction by far far far to many FALSE SHEPHERDS, and it is TIME for YOU true Heavenly Father to take FULL charge over them falses shepherds or true shepherds weather they like it or NOT! We are tired of being abused by them and their false DOCTRINES. Thank You true Heavenly Father. Amen.

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