True Happiness and a change in my life.. and path

by Blanca (Austin,Texas)


I have been tied down to sommething that I don’t even know if is worth mentioning for the last two years. I have allowed it to control me and I thought I was doing the right thing or something out of my heart. Now, I feel like I have hurt the wrong people and just sold myself short. I don’t fee like I have been respected or treated right in this situation. No matter how much I gave. I never got anything back. Not that I expected anything in return but I want satisfaction and meaning and fulfillment in my life and not sure what will give it to me. I am lost and confused. My will has become greater but I am not sure what I am searching for. I put you first in my life and trust you will lead me. I am ready to just try to put my best foot forward in all I do and meaningful relationships. I don’t know if the ones I have been in are a part of what you want for me. Please help us all involved and not hurt if they need to end. Please

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