True God please fight for us the VICTIMS of technological terrorism.

by Gabriel ()

True Heavenly Father, we ALL ask in the name of the true Jesus Christ that by Your true Divine hands that You for the rest of this earth age TODAY begin to immediately, continuously, and permanently DESTROY in every way possible ALL the terrorists, and ALL the technology or occult methods that they are INTENTIONALLY using to attack the true Gabriel G. and his true DNA immediate family, and many other victims with in our area. We especially want this female thing or what ever its source is that enters our houses and begins to cry PERMANENTLY DESTROYED! Thank You true Heavenly Father. Amen.

This is another reason for the prayer above but not part of the prayer but the truth as what happened to I Gabriel.

I Gabriel would walk a certain path 3 miles going, 3 miles back on foot, on the highway to go to the St. Francis Cathedral a catholic church here in Santa Fe NM USA. Well one day this voice that as far as I remember that called itself JESUS CHRIST began to some how walk invisibly with I Gabriel on that path home. There was a very strong field vibrateing in the air like electricity or even sound. So I Gabriel for no reason decided to cut a diagonal across the weed and grass covered field to see if this thing would either stay with I Gabriel. If it stayed with I Gabriel and FOLLOWED I Gabriel then it would be and evil spirit, or if it would continue on my normal path it was technology. Shure enough as this thing kept talking in the air I Gabriel suddenly without saying a thing just cut that diagonal across the field. That voice kept on going on the path I Gabriel would NORMALLY TAKE, and it DID NOT FOLLOW I GABRIEL across the field. I could hear it talking get farther and farther away until I Gabriel could hear it no longer. Taking the diagonal across the field puts I Gabriel normally about 15 minutes ahead of my normal walk. So when I got back on the highway ahead of this thing I Gabriel INTENTIONALLY waited for it. Shure enough it slowly got closer and closer then louder and louder until it was near I Gabriel again. So I Gabriel did another test. I just stayed there standing to see if it would pass on by. Shure enough the dam thing just kept going and talking to what it thought was I Gabriel, when all it was doing was talking to no one but the air. It just went I guess on to the house I am living at. This was almost 20 years ago that this happened. I do have neighbors that worked at los alamos labs that are infact living on land they stold from a man named Bobby R. who I once knew that is now dead. We live 10 miles away from los alamos labs and if you look you can see those facilities.

Here is what is called HYPERSONIC SOUND or a laser speaker. Here is the YOUTUBE place to find it see for yourself how it works, anyone can now buy them if you know where to go on AMAZON:

Search for this video; Woody Norris: Hypersonic sound and other inventions

This has the inventor of the what is loosly called a laser speaker, in which from a mile or more away you can put sound in a persons head without anyone else being able to hear it. The ONLY PERSON that hears this AUDIO is the person DIRECTLY in the path of the signal. So they might have been using the laser speaker from a distance out of my VIEW to cause I Gabriel to hear this thing that claimed to be a Jesus Christ that at one point wanted I Gabriel to go into hospitals where they have babies just born and to rape them to death! Someone here in Santa Fe NM USA is using TECHNOLOGY to FORCE people into committing very bad crimes.

I Gabriel say it is the DEEP STATE using those technologies for NO GOOD. You saw it with these past elections here in the USA with all the corruption that went on. If you didnt see the corruption then you were one of the many victims of this form of technological brainwashing that cant be proven in a court of law by NORMAL PEOPLE, the average NORMAL man does NOT KNOW these devices exist and even if they find out about them they DONT BELIEVE they work until they have a go at it. Most people that are in their 60’s and older would have NEVER believed that CELL PHONES that we use every day now would ever exist. Most of you people that are YOUNG 60’s and younger DO NOT KNOW OR EVEN BELIVE THESE DEVICES EXIST AND ARE INFACT BEING USED TO BRAINWASH YOU REMOTELY AND COVERTLY so someone else gains from you at YOUR expense, and so they USE YOU LIKE PUPPETS.

SCANNERS – The DEVICE! (NLA): Ever want to forcibly, yet secretly, project YOUR THOUGHTS into other people and-or animals as an overpowering EM signal? After years of secret experimentation, we’ve developed Scanners – The Device! The ultra-high gain, ultra-low noise and distortion brainwave (and other biologic signal) amplifier coupled to a powerful and effective, yet highly directional, EM transmitter is an absolute must for all serious students and practitioners of Psychic or Mind Control Lab, Weaponry and Countermeasure applications. Range is about 50 feet. Portable, battery-operated; can be attached to a helmet or hat or on/inside clothes, carried in the hand, or concealed inside or behind any nonmetallic object less than 6″ thick. [2 lb], was $1299. This device and the next was sold to anyone who bought it by x labs employees is what we understand, and the Labs have better devices than these.

The TELEPATHIC ENHANCER (NLA): Some people are reputed to possess awesome telepathic powers. “Telepathy” is a highly-specialized form of nonverbal and non-sensory communication, mind control, and mind-reading. After much research, we now believe that we have pinned down the exact mechanism behind telepathy. For those who do not now possess adequate telepathic powers to effectively and reliably use them, and for those who have established telepathic powers and wish to increase range, the TE is a must! [3 lb], was $679.

I swear on THE BIBLE that what I told about that voice following I Gabriel that was technology is the WHOLE TRUTH AS I GABRIEL REMEMBER IT AS HAPPENING around 20 years ago. OR may I Gabriel BE DAMMED.

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