True GOD do as the Virgin Mary & Clan wants done to us, and KILL US.

by Gabriel ()

So true Heavenly Father since it seems that YOUR form of justice is to take from petty sinners and victims of rape and abuse and brainwashing and terrorism and to give it to the MURDERERS, RAPEISTS, and TERRORISTS that do those acts to their MANY MANY VICTIMS. So I the true Gabriel G. one of many victims BEGG YOU that YOU true Heavenly Father in the true Jesus Christs name that You by YOUR Divine hands immediately KILL I the true Gab, Rach, Rolo, and then give EVERYTHING we owned since we will NOW BE DEAD to the person or persons that SENT the Virgin Mary and Clan to abuse us all for now 22+ years by the persons the Virgin Mary and Clan claimed sent HER/IT/THEM called this GENE, and MODESTO and who ever the other persons were. For those people wanted everything of ours so DESPERATELY they would send the thing that claimed to be the VIRGIN MARY and CLAN to abuse us unto death this past 22+ years, and is even makeing us BEGG YOU TRUE HEAVENLY FATHER TO KILL US RIGHT NOW, and YOU true Heavenly Father DID NOT PROTECT YOUR OWN being US the true Gab, Rach, Rolo from them. Well then true GOD, do as YOU HAVE ALLWAYS DONE and ARE STILL DOING, give everything that us petty sinners have to THE RAPEISTS, MURDERERS, and TERRORISTS. YOU TRUE GOD THAT SAID YOU WERE SUPPOSEDLY JUST, AND BY YOUR CORRUPT ACTIONS in aideing those by YOUR BIBLES WORDS ABOMINATIONS, have PROVEN to ALL OF US the VICTIMS that YOU THE TRUE GOD ARE INFACT UNJUST. So we might as well die right now at YOUR HAND, and WE BEGG YOU TRUE HEAVENLY FATHER TO KILL US RIGHT NOW, and that You true GOD finish the job as unjustly as You allways do, and KILL US THE ONCE PETTY SINNERS, and give EVERYTHING that we owned to them who ever those people truely were that sent the Virgin Mary and Clan to SERIALLY ABUSE us and that led us into extreme sins for 22+ years. Thank You true Holy Trinity. Amen. WE REALLY MEAN THANK YOU TRUE HOLY TRINITY. AMEN. NOTE: I the true Gabriel G. was a catholic but am now a christian of another church. the other 2 still are catholics and our catholic school that we went to and church that we attended taught us to do as JESUS CHRIST did on the cross. Which was just to lay down and let ANY ATTACKER abuse you to DEATH. The catholic priesthood were the ONLY ONES to do SPIRITUAL WARFARE as it is called by the other christian churches.

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