True Father in Jesus name save the catholics from their catholic churches.

by Gabby C. ()

I Gabby went until I was about 50 years old until about 2018 to both a catholic school when I was a child and to catholic churches until 2018. I was allways taught NOT TO FIGHT FOR ANY REASON. If a bully were to beat on you, you let him beat you if need be untill he murdered you, and that included satan or any evil spirit. The only ones that COULD FIGHT off an evil spirits or do healings were the CATHOLIC PRIESTS and NO ONE ELSE EVER no matter WHO THEY WERE or what non Catholic denomination they were in. So I Gabby when this Virgin Mary thing first attacked I Gabby, I Gabby went to the monthly healing service they held immediately after Catholic mass. They would anoint my head with OIL and then they would say a whole bunch of words in under 15 seconds in Latin, then they would YELL out in english that YOU ARE HEALED, even though I Gabby and the many others that went through that line were not. Then they would say NEXT. Every month I went to that service for the many years I went, the rest of the church was also in that line. I dont ever remember any one saying that they had ever been healed? People just kept DYING OFF. So I Gabby ask that you not only pray that I Gabby am healed but all those other Catholics who have been BRAINWASHED into believing by the CATHOLIC CHURCH that ONLY THE CATHOLIC PRIESTS CAN ACCOMPLISH HEALINGS OR EXCORSISMS, and absolutely NO ONE ELSE CAN, they even push that NO ONE in ANY of the other SO CALLED CHRISTIAN CHURCHES CAN DO ANY OF WHAT THEY THE CATHOLIC CHURCH HAVE THE ONLY AUTHORITY BY JESUS TO DO.. They are right NOW having VIRGIN MARY ROSARY VIGILS to bring back X-Catholics back into the FOLD. I am taking a look at all the OTHER CHRISTIAN Churches out there and trying to find one that I can now agree with and partake in. Pray for one of the biggest group of VICTIMS the people of the Catholic Churches to get the help they need, because it shure aint comming from that PRIESTHOOD. They want to be IN FULL CHARGE OF EVERYONE and take their MONIES FOR NO SERVICES RENDERED.

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