True Blessings Desired

by Simply Justified (Lafayette, La)

Dear God I thank you for the many blessing that I have already received. I come before you today seeking your help in my finances,that we may earn enough money to pay our bills and have an abundance left over, me and my family health, that we over come the diagnosis that we have of diabetes, high blook pressure and heart failure, free family members of any drug addictions, by just taking it away and them just becoming the person they are with no set backs and Lord I would love to get another job where the people are friendly, they feel that I have something to offer to the company and to become friends with my co-workers. Lord bless me and my husband that we be togather and be wonderful parents to our child with good guidance. Let us make good decisions that will guidance to advancing ourselves. Lord help us to get our credit togather so that we are able to build the house that we desire and in the area. Help my child to beable to learn her lessons in class and advance in her studies.

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