troubled heart

by Cathryn (Kenya)

Dear Jesus,

i know this is my doing, but i lay it all to you right now.
i am going through such a difficult time having to also involve my family and friends in my a problem i have created.

so far, it has gone so well but i ask you to forgive me and make straight this path, and make every trouble that is fighting me right now, be crashed and stopped in Jesus Name.

i pray for my situation at work right now to be free off me in Jesus Name. May shame not fall on me….. may you child be protected even if am wrong i know i have learnt and i will follow you the rest of my days.

Show me what you can do in such an impossible situation.

Show me what i have been missing for not following your word and not sheltering my self in you.

Right now… may the devil and his works be demolished in Jesus Name. may all the troubles that follow me right now…. be forgotten and burred , and be confused in Jesus name.

May confusion come to those who are giving trial to my life right now in Jesus Name.

Jesus My brother…. please dont let shame fall on me today and the rest of my days to come…

let this problem that am facing right now be ceased in your power and your Name.

Thank you for i know it is done.

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